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We’re passionate about video production that stands out. We believe that your project needs to be seen and know that the best way to do that is to create something memorable. From start to finish, your video content receives the time, focus, and creative attention that our video production agency prides itself on. 

When you work with us, you’re working as a creative partner. We are client facing and love working with those who have a strong creative vision. Our goal is not only to strengthen your brand reputation with your target audience, but also to build a relationship with you as a creative collaborator. We’ll make sure you – and your vision – get the attention deserved.

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Catholic Gators Lenten appeal

Creative VIDEO Production

Commercial Video

Spread the word about your brand, products, services, or ideas. Video is the best avenue for getting your message across to a large audience in an engaging, creative way. 

Music Video

Showcase your artistry and creativity with a wide range of video styles including live music video production, concert film footage, thematic music video production, and music video short films. 

Drone Video

Enhances your video beyond what would be possible with traditional videography methods. Many clients use drones to improve music videos, provide aerial shots, or to tell a specific story documentary-style video.

Product Focus Video

Showcase your product to your audience and spotlight the unique features, usability, quality, and how your product can address their specific needs through a video demonstration.

Explainer Video

Take your audience on a visual journey and motivate them to follow your call to action by creating an appealing and easily understandable video. These videos can be animated, documentary style, or scripted. 

Testimonial Video

Create a video that not only allows your audience to hear the ways you’ve impacted your clients, but a video that they’ll be able to feel the emotion that motivates their testimony.


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the block|muay thai makes life hurt

You have thirty seconds or less to convey WHO you are, WHAT you’re offering, WHY you’re different, and get your audience to ACT!


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Crystal Pump|turns a boy into a man

Your audience wants to invest in a product they can trust, and there’s no better way to accomplish that than video.

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Vaccine Misconceptions
Elevate your explainer video from a dry lecture to an engaging, visually stunning production.
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SF College: Back to Work 50+ Impact
Reach a wider audience with a moving testimonial video that showcases real-life people and their emotional stories.
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tori kelly music
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rattlesnack - grow on

As a musician, you already have a creative drive that you express through your musical talent. Let Five Seven Film take your creativity to the next level by collaborating with us on your next music video production project. Your dedication to your craft is important to us, and your style should shine through in any music video you release. As filmmakers and storytellers, our video production agency strives to produce music videos that convey engaging messages through striking visuals. A music video can be many things – it can be a live recording, a performance, a thematic short film, or an abstract visualization. Imagine: two creative visionary forces, collaborating together to create a music video that both complements and elevates the musical foundation. That could be your next creative project when you work with us to produce your next music video!

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“Five Seven directed my band’s music video. The crew from Five Seven is professional, friendly, and creative. These people don’t cut corners. Same level of quality and attention to detail as a master carpenter, but instead of building cabinets, they’re building stories. Hire them. You won’t regret it.”

- chase Neal

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